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HelloOffice is a technology-powered commercial real estate brokerage making the search for office space seamless and intelligent.

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In my experience, it is incredibly rare to feel like an external consultant is actually a part of your team. But that is certainly the way the folks at HelloOffice work. They integrate, commit and deliver in the same way you'd expect from a member of your high performing team.

Greg Strickland - Former COO at Periscope Data
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Brokers, Data, Research, Product, Ops. All working in lock step to find you a workplace you love.

Unified Team

Our clients and brokers have a shared workspace, where we collaborate from the start of the search through the end of the move.


HelloOffice is a full-service commercial real estate brokerage representing companies in finding office space.



San Francisco

San Francisco is our first home, where we founded HelloOffice in 2016. We represent some of the most exciting names in town, and we know the market better than anyone.

26 O'Farrell Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

Los Angeles

We launched LA in 2019 with an incredible team of expert brokers to represent the best companies growing in LA.

Silicon Valley

In 2020 we launched our third office in Silicon Valley, home to some of the biggest, most advanced companies in the world.